‘carousel of time’



This Audio Assignment is about creating a story about what a song means to me. It was difficult to choose a particular song because I connect to music all the time and it transforms me to different places, times, it makes me in touch with different sides of me. So I picked at random, I thought I could spend days choosing the perfect song or trying to find the one that makes me feel a certain way. Somehow this one connected to something I heard earlier:  ‘we are all captives in the carousel of time’. So when I was listening the song I was thinking about these little moments in time when I felt that everythings is just fine. My worries and responsibilities were still there, the day has been the same, my doubts, the hopes, the passions, nothing’s changed, just that random feeling for a short minute that everything is fine.

Assignment execution: I found the song on YouTube, used a Firefox YouTube add-on to download the song, use Camtasia Studio to separate the video and audio tracks. I recorded my audio story with Quicktime, imported the audio file to the same Camtasia project file, lowered the sound of the song track and exported to SoundCloud.

#AudioAssignments #AudioAssignments1923


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