Assignment Details: This assignment encourages students to design a trading card for their favorite movie by grabbing a screenshot and creating a trading card in the spirit of Star Wars movie.

The Story

This is a short story – about the moment when something brings you back to a distant time. For no particular reason.

Charlie Chaplin’s films have had the biggest impact on me and my childhood. The Kid was the very first film I saw and for some distant and unknown reason, it had made an impression on me.

Perhaps it is the simplicity in the narratives, the storyline, perhaps it is the humor and the romantic sadness in the character, or the the piano tunes during boxing scenes, I don’t know, but they have made an impression on me. They have impacted my childhood and bring me back there every time I see one.

Assignment execution: To create this design assignment, I downloaded a Star Wars trading card and use the Clone Stamp tool in Photoshop CC to create the pattern of old paper. duplicated some of the layers and use the Magic Eraser to fine tune the edges.

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