How it All Began

Web Assignments: How It All Began

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Assignment Instructions: Create a page on your website that goes into detail how a group came together. Talk about the motives behind joining forces, real or fictional. This can be serious or comedic, have fun!

How it All Began: The Story

There are four of us. Four pieces of a puzzle, of a picture, that according to some don’t fit together in any shape, color, or shade. And according to others – it may be meant to be. If you ask me, I’d stare at you for a minute. Silently. And then I’d smile.

I don’t believe in accidents, I don’t dwell into the predetermined, and certainly I’m not a fan of destiny. God is not even near the horizon of my thoughts, illusions and realities. So how did it all began? How did we all come to be together, existing in this place, today?

I have no answer. But I love our story.

It began some time ago. When the moon was big and bright at night and the air smelled like cigarettes and whiskey. It began in a poker game night at the neighbors. The ones across the street. She had a Royal flush and spilled every drink on the table from the excitement. They all seemed unhappy. I thought it was for the ruined poker table and some shirts, perhaps. Or may be for the twenty dollars in chips she collected with a smile.

I fell in love with her.

We never played poker at the neighbors again.

But her and I, we met again. And again. And then again.

So this is how it all began – with her, and a game of poker.

It’s been many bright moons since that poker night. There are four of us now. Her and I, and parts of us. Mostly her, and little bits of me. Elliot is almost three now and Fiona was born in May.

He is incredible. Wakes up in the morning and says: “Mommy, look! Yellow flowers!”. She opens her big blue eyes and looks around the world like she’s lived in it forever.

The four of us: her and I and then – Ellie and Fi. Our whole world. My entire Universe.

And this is how it all began. In a poker game.


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