#VideoAssignments #VideoAssignments1920

Assignment Details: This assignment is about filming yourself for 30 seconds to a minute of doing your favorite hobby and describe what makes this hobby a favorite thing.

The story

When I hear ‘hobby’ I think collecting stamps, or coins. Hiking may be? Playing games? But these are all other people’s hobbies. What’s my hobby? Can I have a hobby? I don’t seem to find spare time. Ever. So I invented a new definition for a hobby. Simply – favorite thing to do.

So maybe it is traffic. Driving in traffic.

I have two favorite moments in the day. Driving to work and driving home. I love seeing the city from the hill on Federal and 88th, crossing the Speer bridge, weaving through traffic on I-25 just to get to work. I love seeing people at work, and almost everyday brings something new, a new learning experience, a new face, a new emotion. I love leaving the city in the evening and driving home, getting excited about seeing my family and plan an ice-cream for dinner.

I love traffic. Being stuck in traffic. It forces you to slow down, to stop for a moment. To pause in the otherwise rushing with hundred miles an hours with plans, projects, responsibilities,tasks.

Traffic is my hobby.


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