Week 2: ‘Nowhere’

It is hard to critique something that is….just perfect! Nowhere is a story filmed by Nic Askew as a par of Soul Biographies series. The assessment traits I chose to explore are story, sense of voice and support of media to the story.

Halfway through the story, I found myself wondering ‘what happened, what event was at present for the transformation, what occurred in the garden?’ But that wasn’t what the story was about. It may be about change and transformation within self, it may be about something else. I think it is like a poem: with many meanings. What makes it powerful, I think, is the deep honesty and organic structure. While watching, and listening, you see the organic expressions on the face, the raw convey of emotions, you hear the pauses, the cracks of the microphone, the exterior sounds, and perhaps this rawness about it makes it even more powerful. Like it was shot in one take, with no rehearsal, and minimum editing. I like the black and white canvas. Color can be a distraction unless it adds to story or character. But in this case there is one focal point – Jayanie’s face, her eyes. No other background but black canvas, and no other foreground but a face.

Also the music. It is so very subtle, the background loop of acoustic guitar, quiet but noticeable, simple yet emotional. The story would certainly be powerful still without it. Yet, the gentle tone I think takes you on a ride. Especially during the pauses and the fade to black transitions. These deliberate disturbances in continuity add even more to the story by allowing you the time to emerge even more, to hear her words in your head, to form meanings to the words.


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