Week 4: Knowing

Digital Story Critique

Drawing from Lankshear and Knobel’s popular everyday remix practices, this digital story explores a way of conveying a social narrative as a kind of involvement. Some literacy dimensions include video editing skills for creating Ken Burns effects for still images and transitions, manipulating multiple audio tracks of background music and narration. Social commentary is expressed to make particular points as well as an identity as an artist. A range of tools were used such as video and audio editing software, knowledge and skills if how to import images, export the media in format suitable for video platforms and embedding video to YouTube. Some of the online spaces this digital story appears are: Story Center (http://www.storycenter.org/stories/) and YouTube.

Relevance to theme (Impact)

It is difficult to point out what could be improve. In a way – many elements, in terms of narrative, production, media, but also – none. Because it is someone else’s story. It is told through their eye, it’s their path, journey, it’s the way they’ve seen or have been influenced by a particular image, photograph. One element perhaps I would change is the background music. I would have picked a piece of music with slower tempo and deeper, minor tones to deepen the emotional connection to the story. I would have used that tune throughout and slowly fade into a more cheerful and happy tune at the very end where the narrator makes a pause and says “I’m going to make sure it happens”. That way I would have emphasized on the hope for the future a little more and translate that message through a final image and the music as well as the words.

My favorite part of the story is the following line: “I wasn’t just learning about social justice, I was living it” . When I was battling to define a focal theme I picked ‘Impact’. I was thinking in lines of impact of educational policies, practices, decisions we make every day on professional level. But it is a lot more than that. I don’t know about you, but I cannot take my everyday self from my professional self. What I mean is that decisions we make at work cannot misalign with own beliefs and philosophies. And that’s hard, because sometimes we aren’t in a position to counteract a decision nor to influence much. But what I am trying is to interpret actions always through the lenses of own believes and self. I used to detach from myself and focus on the work, to get the job done to perfection, to ignore school work, family duties even, in the name of getting things done at work, exceed expectations, try to make a positive impact always. But now I am starting to see that is not the answer.

Answers to questions, even at work, sometimes and usually come from unexpected directions, surprising places. And usually that place is from within us. But in order to see, you need to focus on yourself a little, pay attention to your intuition, formulate a truthful angle. And only then a positive impact can happen, only then you have the power to impact others. And that is what this story means to me and that is how it relates to my focal theme. The narrator was able to become part of something truthful, something they believe in and something that had meaning to them. Then change become a real possibility. Only then hope came  – through personal conviction, passion, meaning in what we do, believing that what we do matters and has impact on others.


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