Week 6: Seeing Differently

Seeing Differently by Sarita Daftary-Steel

Seeing Differently is a beautiful story of looking positive at the world and people who surround us. It is about the way we see and interpret life around us and its message is hope.
In terms of literary dimension, this digital story demonstrates image manipulation and video editing skills and knowledge. The story is hosted on Story Center(http://www.storycenter.org/stories/) and YouTube. I watched it a few times and the first time I missed some elements. But if you are careful, you will notice the background sound of train moving on tracks at the beat of the voice while an image of a map shows the trip to New York. I thought that was wonderfully executed from the very beginning and primes the viewer right away to emerge in the story.

Relevance to Theme

The story is not about Impact. But it is how I see impact happening. Just like in the story, there are abandoned and run down building and vacant lots but those are not the parts that caught the attention of the narrator. They saw the fresh vegetables garden that people established. It wasn’t the burned houses and devastation of people but the fight to rebuild community, it wasn’t the suffering, but the survival of the people. That is how they saw things differently.

We often make the same mistake. In the chapter about collaborative and social learning, Lankshear and Knobl point out the inefficiency of the education system, the generalization of the model and the unsustainable approach to obtaining education, to learning. there are indeed many problems. But what if we see them differently? Instead, start writing about all the beautiful changes and initiatives out there, about innovations happing this minute, breakthroughs in attempts of improving education last year. I think we need to see these events more, start connecting them: the Breakthrough Collaborative, Project Zero, and hundreds others. Right now it seems that they exist like isolate constellations, some projects are just distant stars. But if we start seeing them more, connecting them, soon we will have a galaxy.

I am not saying, let’s ignore the problems, pretend they are not there. No. But let’s see them as opportunities for change. Let’s start seeing all the good changes happing already, pay attention to them. That is how impact will happen.


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