Week 6 Reflection: Voices

This week was overall a great learning experience. Some of the highlights were definitely the Open Letter to COLTT from Remi, the discussion around it, and the lessons learned. In terms of course work, I think I was able to get back into the rhythm of the class activities, re-connect with people in the Public and fully participate in open annotation of the readings. This week I chose a Writing Assignment of the DS 106 Bank. The assignment seemed fairly easy but I have been challenged with writing and I chose it so I can push myself. My goal was to insert my voice, to be honest and to be able to convey a true message. I hope I succeeded.

What gave me trouble? Definitely Remi’s story and the the responses from COLTT. When I read the Open Letter I immediately supported Remi and expressed an extreme disappointment with COLTT’s committee. It is just sad and discouraging to receive such a recommendation to “calibrate your voice” and sticking to an agenda. It is sad that people don’t have the courage to voice out their voices. I applauded Remi for taking such a transparent and honest approach and I am saddened at the same time that people who might have felt offended couldn’t express the reasons and used a messenger to deliver their message. What is still giving me a great deal of trouble is that I am listed as a presenter for the Galloping COLTT Followup. I was asked to produce a digital artifact for our involvement with Open Educational Resources to be presented at the Followup session. Now I am in a conflict with myself. I publicly disagreed with COLTT’s committee and expressed my disappointment in their message. Participating in COLTT would make me a hypocrite. On the other hand if I don’t participate I am risking at disappointing people I made a promise to, people that have always supported me and mentored me for years….

What I learned the most was that stories matters, even if they are heard from one person. Voices matters. This week was about honesty, academic integrity, transparency. There aren’t more important lessons that these. The open annotation with the group was is getting even better. We are communicating more, opening up, engaging in honest an productive discussions around readings and topics. What I have learned the most is that we all interpret things differently. We all have an unique view an sharing thoughts, ideas in the open or in a small group makes a difference. It made a difference to me. A discussion with ThinkInMeta, with mz.clare, with Allissagal8 made me reevaluate the state of the education system. Not the state per se, what I am trying to say is that the discussion made me think and gave me a glimpse into how other people view the educational system, and some of the issues presented, the way we can battle some of them. It was a tremendous learning experience to get a glimpse into the way people think and understand the interconnectedness of us-technology-education relationship.


One thought on “Week 6 Reflection: Voices

  1. Lainie says:

    Thanks for sharing your story as well, Tedy. That’s not an easy spot to be in, and there just isn’t a perfect answer (unless the conference takes back its position – which would be much nicer for all). Know you are also supported in what decisions you need to make!


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