Week 7: Failure and Success

Week 7 Reflection

Several exciting learning events happened on week seven of the course. The daily creates were a great fun activity as usual. Working on the dailies solidified some of the techniques I have been learning with Photoshop CC. This week was about experimenting with fonts and installing custom shapes.

In terms of connecting and learning from peers, I had a very positive experience with Lainie. We exchanged a few tweets and had a great and a fun conversation. It is just extremely nice to connect with someone you don’t know. I have started following Lainie’s work because of the interaction we had via Twitter. What I learned from Lainie, or more accurately – what I am trying to be better at is the way emotions are conveyed through work. Especially, scholarly work in the context of one annotations. In her blog, Lainie made the observation about this week’s reading. It has been certainly a reading charged with emotions. I think Lainie’s idea about inserting some scholarly emojis is phenomenal!

I believe this week I met all the requirements for the course. I did one thing wrong, however. The DS 106 assignment bank id always fun to go through. This week we were encouraged to choose our own assignment as long it is focused on the chosen theme. I started working on the assignment with exactly this particular intent. However, in the midst of it – it changed. I wasn’t writing about the impact of our team, how we began the journey together. Somewhere in the middle of the thoughts I realized that I don’t know if we are creating an impact. And this doubt made everything I wrote irrelevant. Somewhere in week 3 of this course I promised to stay true to my voice. So I scratched everything. I am still passionate about the focal theme I chose but this week I shifted the focus a little. I wrote about me and what matters the most. the greatest challenge is to say so much with so little words. So I waned to tell a story of years passed in a few short paragraphs. It didn’t have to do anything with impact. Actually, in a broad sense I does. But that’s not the point. I wrote it with the risk of failing the assignment. But I liked it. I actually liked what I wrote. And this was the biggest accomplishment for me this week.